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Welcome to Seizaemon!

Our main store is located in Nishinomiya, Hyogo prefecture, a 5 minute walk from the famous Koshien Stadium.

Our main product is tsukudani, which is a traditional Japanese way of cooking and preserving a variety ingredients. Tsukudani is an intensely flavored dish, so we consider it a good accompaniment to steamed rice, or it can also be enjoyed as an appetizer together with an alcoholic drink. We also sell other products in our store, such as sweet simmered beans and freshly made rice balls (onigiri).

We set high standards when selecting the ingredients we use to make our products. We source only the best quality ingredients and additive-free seasonings. All our products are hand made by experienced staff, who work in our hygienic kitchens located at the back of our main store.

Our goal is to prepare fresh and flavorful foods, our customers will not tire of, even when eaten every day.